Tabidoc is an integrated healthcare discovery platform that allows patients to connect with healthcare providers in their area across the United Arab Emirates. Providing access to thousands of reviews for medical professionals in every specialty, our platform supports patients in making informed choices about the healthcare they receive. Tabidoc believes that everyone should have access to exceptional healthcare, and through this platform we provide the tools and information to make that happen.

Tabidoc provides everything you may need for your healthcare choices, including genuine patient reviews, allowing you to confidently take control of the care you receive. We ensure you have access to a wide range of qualified healthcare practitioners covering both general practice and specialist care, so whatever your healthcare needs, Tabidoc is there to support you. Our goal is easily accessible, high-quality care at the best value possible. With online consultations you can quickly see if a practitioner is the right choice for you, saving both time and money while ensuring you always find the best care to suite your needs.