Service Restrictions

We are devoted to safeguarding our customers’ private information and patients’ privacy.With this privacy policy, you will learn about our process of data protection, and if there is any ambiguity left you can feel free to ask at, (email address).

Application of the policy:

Privacy of personal or crucial information is the right of every customer and we are committed to respecting the rights of our users. This privacy policy is applicable to only the services we provide our users and it doesn’t apply to other connected websites or digital services that you find through our business partners, those digital or website services may have to collect data or have particular policies that can be different from our privacy policy. We are commanding your use of our Services with the help of our privacy policy and the user license agreement.

Data we collect:

To meet all the requirements of our customers we need to collect particular information about our users. When you may try to access our services we may ask you to submit some personal information about you which include the following essentials,

  • Means of contact, such as phone number and email address.
  • Gender information, date of birth and your postal code.
  • Data of your insurance policy such as, insurance ID, plan, payer ID, or group ID.
  • Medical data if you have any including, althcare professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.) you have visited, date and reasons for visit, your medical history, and other necessary health information you choose to provide us.

These are the requirements we expect you to share with us, but this is not limited to it rather more information that you wish to provide voluntarily provide us. One thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t provide this personal information to our website, you can still use and access some of our services, but the services which specifically required personal information will not be accessible for you.

Automatic data collection:

When you use our services, a certain amount of data including web browsers, type of devices, IP address, domain servers, and referring webpage are collected automatically. This type of information is considered personal too, but it is basically called traffic data.

How we collect data:

When you try to access and use our services, we collect information both personal and traffic data, by your interaction with our website. For example, when you try to search for certain medical help or the contact or appointments with a healthcare provider, you need to complete a medical history form, so that you can get an appointment. This history form is comprised of your complete personal information.

Similarly, when you complete a survey or respond to certain questionnaires, you are voluntarily providing us with your information. Traffic data may be collected when you browse our website from your device, or you download the mobile app, these actions are helpful to provide information about your traffic data.

Another way of collecting information is the use of tracking technology and when the user contacts us through emails or phone calls.

Use of the collected information:

The basic use of the information we collect about you, is to entertain you with the accurate services you required or to improve our services through the information you provide by responding to the questionnaires and surveys. We may use this information to keep a record of our users and visitors in order to improve or enhance our work quality in the future. Some other uses of the collected information are as under.

  • We use this information to detect any kind of data breaching, or illegal activity that is prohibited with the use of our website, to take further action against the culprit.
  • The personal information of our users and visitors help us in sending informative emails to our customers about our promotional services, or any other knowledgeable content that would be according to our user’s preferences and interests.
  • The personal information about emails and phone numbers will help us to contact you for a reminder of any set appointments or any other query.
  • We may notify you about newly joined healthcare provider or any other resource that might be according to your provided medical history.

Revelation of information:

Your personal information may disclosed to some extent for example,

  • To the doctors, you need to get appointments for, the information will be provided to them with your completed medical history forms.
  • Your traffic data may be shared with our business partners in technologies, who are there to perform operational services.

You need to be satisfied that your personal information, especially email ids and phone numbers are not shared with or re-sell to any other third party.

Storage and security:

The security of all your personal and traffic data is a matter of extreme importance for us. We try our level best to follow all the set standards that are generally accepted, to shield the critical, personal information our users provide us. We have a secure operating system to receive and store the information. Despite being extremely protected, if your information is somehow disclosed which is not in accordance with our privacy policy, we will make sure to notify you.

Modification of personal information:

We provide the services or modification of your personal information to our registered users. If a user wishes to delete the user account you can contact us via email and request to close the account and delete all the related information as soon as possible. However, we have all rights reserved to hold on to all the necessary information in order to protect our website from any kind of trouble.

Copyright Act:

All the uploaded content, including, written material, images, graphics, and videos are the property of our website. Hence, if we observe any type of unfair, unethical, or illegal usage of this data is strictly prohibited under the law of copyright.

Cookie Policy Company is a responsible organization that makes sure that each part of the terms and conditions is well-explained and well-described so that users don’t have any kind of ambiguity in given terms. We are providing this dedicated Cookie Policy for our users to understand how we use cookies and relevant elements while you visit our website. This cookie policy is displayed by our site, mobile application, any other apps owned by, and 3rd-party sites working with us. We not only explain the technology of cookies but also elaborate on how we are involved in using this cookie technology.

We tend to update our cookie policy now and then at our sole discretion so that our policy is up-to-date. If we make any considerable changes in our Cookie Policy, we tend to notify our users through our site, app, and any other mode of communication channel so that everyone is aware of the new changes. However, still, if you don’t see or get any dedicated message, it is your responsibility to keep visiting our terms and conditions to see any updates or changes. So, frequent use of our site and apps will be considered your consent to our cookies and any other privacy policies.

Here are some of the major points to keep in mind:

1.Understanding Cookie Technology

It is a kind of text file that is sent to your web browser and is then stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other digital device. These cookies are involved in storing the information about your use of our website or any other website. We can use this information to enhance user experience, as well as, reviewing your preferences to offer you relevant products and services, etc. We may use other similar kinds of technologies that work like cookies such as JavaScript and web beacons.

2. Cookies We Use

We are involved in using the following types of cookies:

  • The Most Necessary Cookies: We need to install a few cookies which are important for our site in terms of smoothly operating our site features and services so that we can prevent any cyber threats and fraudulent activities by improving our security functions in the best possible manner. We need these most necessary cookies otherwise we may not be able to provide some of the most basic and important features of our site.
  • Preference and Functionality Cookies: It is clear that we tend to use cookies for collecting information regarding your preferences and choices such as customization and user settings. We need to use these cookies to know about users' preferences so that we can improve our functionality accordingly to provide the best services.
  • Target Cookies: We also use target cookies along with our 3rd-party advertisers to come up with products and services which are specially targeted to you as per your preferences and choice. Users have to submit some kind of information through these cookies, and then we use this information to do targeted marketing and advertising so that you can have the most suitable products and services on your screen. A user’s viewing experience is also personalized with the help of these cookies so that users can have the most relevant and convenient user experience while using our site or mobile apps. We keep your interest on the top of our priority list so that you can see the content and services tailored to your needs and interest.
  • Performance Cookies: It is mentioned earlier that we are involved in collecting and tracking information regarding your use of our website and apps, and we use this information to track the changes, traffic flow, and overall performance and functionality of our site. We can get information to see which pages are frequently visited and if users are facing any issues at any point then we use these cookies to enhance our performance for our valuable users.
  • Cookies related to Social Media: If you are using your social media platforms to sign up and log in to our site, or to share any other information with us; we collect cookies related to your social media usage so that relevant products and services are offered and marketed to you as per your needs and choices.

3. Management of Cookies

The general management of cookies by sites is done through sending consent to users whether to accept or reject the use of cookies while you browse throw our platform. If you don’t want to allow us to use certain cookies, you can simply click decline and we will not be able to install those cookies on your computer. However, it is necessary to understand that we cannot fully operate our site with 100% functionality and performance if we are not allowed to use some necessary cookies. So, it is to inform you that we use a few necessary cookies even without your consent to make your smooth operations and functionality of the site for your ease and convenience

4. Adverting and Cookies

It is to inform you that we do work with 3rd-party network companies and advertisement companies so that advertisement sections are accurately managed on our site. These 3rd-party advertisement networks need to install a few cookies to collect the most necessary and required information about the users, otherwise, the advertisement function will be clueless. To make this advertisement more accurate and customized for users, so are advised to allow these cookies to be installed for your own convenience and benefit. Still, if you have any questions or ambiguity about any of the points of the Cookie Policy, you can get in touch with our support team 24/7.

Data Policy

We are involved in collecting a variety of data through our owned, licensed, branded, or affiliated media platforms such as mobile apps, newsletters, and websites, etc., and all of these platforms can collect data and information to keep an eye on performance and measurement data such as frequency, verification, ROI, attributions, conversions, impressions, and clicks. Other than these mentioned data types, if we will collect any data, the consent will be taken from our users. If any 3rd-party networks or vendors working with us need the necessary data and information to collect, they will have to comply with our data policy guidelines, and no exception will be given to them in this regard.

In terms of prior written data consent, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • The marketed ads should not include any kind of tags, flash cookies, web beacons, pixels,and browser cookies to retarget the ads for the audience.
  • The data collected through our site and relevant vendors cannot be provided or sold to any other 3rd-party networks and advertisers for any kind of use. If there is necessary to do so, then users’ approval will be taken for this, and if users decline this, the site won’t be using or selling this data to anyone else. Keeping all industry and government guidelines in context, all collected data will be used, and then it will be destroyed as per our given policy.
  • It is to inform you that Company prohibits any kind of campaign to collect the information of users for any purpose outside of the Company’s domain.Any kind of networking, warehousing, exchanging, or sharing of data is not allowed in any given circumstances.
  • If an advertiser associated with Company is involved in collecting and using data of users with regards to any ads campaign, they are required to notify this collection and usage of data so that Company ensures that data usage is according to our given parameters. The network advertisers and 3rd-party vendors are required to share information regarding the use of data and if any special usage is required, they are required to get approval from Company.
  • It is required for our associated agencies, vendors and advertisers should make sure that their activities are in line with the Behavioral Advertising Self-Regulatory Principles.They should make sure that all of the given principles are followed, and there is no violation of these principles in any given terms.
  • If data has been approved for usage and collection, the vendors and advertisers are responsible to deconstruct and review this data on a regular basis.

Copyright Policy

According to the DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the details for which are available and can be found on the website of the U.S. Copyright Office, we will be responding to all the notices of an alleged infringement of copyright that effectively comply with the applicable law. It is important to note that any details regarding copyright infringement can be reported to the website and immediate actions will be taken on the notice.

According to the DMCA, it should be noted that the DMCA notice needs to include or involve the following information:

  • An electronic or physical signature of the individual who is authorized and permitted to act on the behalf of the original owner of a specific right that has been infringed allegedly. There is a need for the signature of this person or else, the notice would not be complete and actions would not be taken.
  • Identification of the work that you believe has been infringed upon. In addition, if the claim seems to include a large number of works on a site, a list that represents these works needs to be provided. This list will effectively determine and represent all the works that have been infringed upon and have been used by another person or party.
  • The Internet location or URL of the materials or content that have been infringed upon. If this information is not available, sufficient information must be offered that can enable and allow us to locate and identify the work to be infringed by ourselves without experiencing any difficulties.
  • Other than the above information, you also need to provide your email address, telephone number, address, and your name. This information will assist us in contacting you for the acquisition of further information regarding the infringement of our materials.
  • In addition to it, you need to provide or offer a statement that you possess a good belief and faith that the utilization of the copyrighted material is not specifically authorized and permitted by the law, agent of the organization, or the owner of the copyright. It will help in taking the required actions without facing any difficulties. In fact, it will also help in ensuring that the person using the information is actually infringing on it.
  • You also need to provide us with a statement that the information or the facts provided in the notice are completely accurate and that you are actually authorized to act and serve on the behalf of the owner or authorizer of an exclusive right that is being infringed upon.

It should be noted that if you are unable to cover these aspects then the notice will not be effective. You should be aware of the fact that if you are knowingly misrepresenting any material then you will be held responsible or accountable for it.

It is important to note that we close the accounts of all the users who are identified as repeat infringers. This policy is applied at our own discretion in suitable situations.

Intellectual Property Rights and Liability

  • It is important to comprehend that we are the licensee or owner of all the rights of intellectual property in our website including all the materials that have been published on it. All the works are specifically secured and protected by copyright laws and other relevant treaties and laws around the world. In fact, all such rights have been reserved effectively
  • Actually, you are permitted to print a copy of any page and even download any extracts from our website for your own personal use and you might draw the attention of other people within the organization or association to the content that is posted on the website.The copies are permitted only under the condition that you are copying the materials only for the purpose and objective of drawing the attention and focus of others to the website.These copies cannot be considered and used for any commercial use.
  • However, you are not allowed to change and alter the digital copies or papers of any materials that you have downloaded or printed off in any possible way. You must not consider and use any audio sequences, videos, photographs, and illustrations separately and individually from the accompanying text.
  • It is necessary for you as a user to make sure that our status as the authors and owners of the content on our platform or website is acknowledged in an efficient manner. You are required to acknowledge and respect this status by not breaching the terms and modifying the content that has been published and provided on the website. In addition, you are expected to consider and use the website in an efficient and lawful manner. You are expected to use the website for your benefit and not for any possible commercial purpose.
  • In addition, it is necessary for you to agree that you will not be using any part of the content that has been published on the website for any commercial use without specifically acquiring a license from us or our licensors. Without this license, you can not consider and use any part of the content that has been offered and published on the website. If you do use it without the required permission, you will be breaching these terms.
  • If you download, copy, or print off any part or aspect of our website in violation of these terms, it is worth noting that your right to use the website will be immediately ceased and, at our opinion, you will need to make sure that you either destroy or return any copies of the aspects and materials that you have made.
  • It is important to note that you will be solely liable for the breach of the terms and conditions. In response, your account will be suspended and suitable actions will be taken. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not breach the conditions regarding intellectual property. Otherwise, significant issues would be experienced and your account will be terminated immediately without notice.

Service Delivery Policy

Our company provides a computerized network that helps users to get safely connected with their required healthcare providers, such as doctors, dentists, dietitians, or psychologists, etc. It is a user’s discretion to provide all his/her personal information to get connected with our website in order to take benefit of provided online services.

Our company is going to act like a marketplace that will help you to search for your desired service, or healthcare professional and to get connected with them, the service they provide you will constitute a discrete agreement between you and the third party.

We try to provide the best possible services to our users no matter what they ask for including, online consultation provided by our professional healthcare provider. However, the virtual meetings and consultation sessions cannot be matched with all the aspects of physical visits, so there is always a chance of ambiguity still, so in case of these types of troubles, the third party who are service providers and we are not considered as liable for any type of personal or indirect loss.

Our Company makes sure that the delivery of our services will be as effective as it can be to comply with all the set standards of the health industry worldwide. We try our level best to fulfill all the needs of our customers by providing them with their required services.

We make sure a prompt response with a secure connection and an organized demonstration in a range of health service delivery. Whether you need nursing care, social medical service, ideas to cure at home, or some basic consultation, we have got you covered in all services. Our service delivery policy is designed to make sure effective and impactful assistance to our customers with an easy to procedure.